Containers for geospatial web services and applications

Geocontainers help you running geospatial web services or applications for testing, development, and production deployments. Based on Docker, they get you started faster building upon a strong foundation for development, testing, and production deployment. All containers and documentation is provided under permissive open source licenses.

Save time. Develop. Test. Deploy.

Community driven

Geocontainers was initiated by Daniel NĂ¼st @ FOSS4G 2016, but only works if independent developers and projects contribute images to the repository of Dockerfiles.

Diversity and expansion

Geocontainers are not replacing images provided by software projects, but provide a platform to collaborate on images when the software communities cannot maintain one. Time will tell if Geocontainers can become a one stop shop for container images in the geospatial domain.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Docker is the most popular platform for containeraization of applications today. Nothing of this would be possible without this open source project.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery [*]

Geocontainers is a shameless rip-off of Biodocker.


FOSS4G Talk by Daniel Nüst on Slideshare and Google

Wiki page on Docker images at OSGeo: